ICO, STO, IEO Consulting

Compliance & Path to Crypto Offering from Ideation, Accredited Investor Verification, Overseas ICOs Consulting, ICO to STO Conversion, Roadmap / Token Economics / White Paper Creation, Website / Graphics / SEO / AWS / LAMP, Exchange Listings, Post-ICO, and Ethereum Development & ERC20 Token Generation.

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ICO, STO, IEO Consulting Services
End-to-end services from compliance to creation to technical to achieve your blockchain project's goal of a successful token offering.

Compliance Services

• Overall US compliance for Overseas Crypto Offerings (ICOs, STOs, IEOs)

• Compliance with JOBS Act: Reg D 506(c), Reg CF, Reg A+, and AML & KYC

• Filing for Form D Exemption & EDGAR filing process & Howey Test

• Rule 144 Compliance

• Accredited Investor Verification

Creation Services

• Full Path to Crypto Offering (ICOs, STOs, IEOs)

• Launching an STO from Planning Phase to Compliance to White Paper Writing to Token Creation to Blockchain Development to AWS Cloud Administration to Website Front and Back-End Design to Marketing to Exchange Listings to Post-STO

• ICO to STO Conversion

• Roadmap Creation for ICOs, STOs, IEOs

• Token Economics Planning & Analysis

• White and "Light" Paper Creation & Editing

• Graphics Creations including Logos, Mockups to Reality, PDF Crypto Brochures, Branding, Web Design

• Custom Website Creation for Blockchain-Geared Operations including HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

• Exchange Listings including on the Decentralized EtherDelta Exchange

• Post-ICO Execution

• Offloading of 'Busy Work' to Us with our Crypto-Focused Back Office Services through OutsourceBackOffice.com

Technical Services

• Ethereum Development (Smart Contracts, dApps & DAOs) with Solidity, Truffle and Ganache

• ERC20 Token Generation with Ethereum

• Corda and Quorum Development (Enterprise Permissioned Blockchain) for Financial Institutions and Fintech

• Setting up an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Server Instance to Host Blockchain Applications and Websites

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Crypto Blockchain Sites and ICO Landing Pages

• Fully Built JSON API using PHP as well as Integration of Outside APIs into Website / Blockchain Applications

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Fee Structure

• Fee structure: 1) Upfront retainer fee, 2) Negotiated monthly fee, 3) Negotiated percentage share of the offering

• Prices are determined by services chosen by the client and those services will be listed in the final agreement

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