CryptoMarketAds (IDAX:CMA)

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CMA can now be traded at the IDAX exchange!

CryptoMarketAds (CMA) is democratizing & decentralizing crypto advertising and marketing after top online corporations such as Google, Facebook, and others banned crypto ads. CryptoMarketAds is a new marketplace which solves all crypto advertising and marketing problems by connecting crypto market publishers and advertisers in one place at their already functional marketplace at

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Did you know that CMA... is now trading on the IDAX exchange through an IEO on 8/12/19, as a brand new listed crypto. CMA's trading and order book can be found by going to

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Highlights of CryptoMarketAds (IDAX:CMA)

CMA is now tradeable on the IDAX exchange after its IEO listing in mid-August, trading can be found here.

• CMA's CryptoMarketAds Marketplace was a creation of necessity within the crypto advertising space after several major corporations banned crypto advertising including Google, Facebook, and others.

• Through its leadership in crypto advertising and establishing itself as a first mover after the cryptocurrency crash, CryptoMarketAds is now seen as a leader in the advertising and marketing space within crypto.

• Interested investors will find CMA's One-Page White Paper and Long-Form White Paper both to be informative from an informational and technical point of view including their usage of the blockchain.

• CryptoMarketAds has an established team and advisory board with CEO and co-founder Olegs Martinuks leading the way.

• CMA has entry, intermediate, and target milestones with an ultimate goal of building an entire decentralized empire.

• The crypto advertising and marketing industry size is at approximately $5 billion and expected to grow significantly the next couple of years. CryptoMarketAds is a brand name in the space.

• CryptoMarketAds ranks on Page 1 in Google for pivotal industry keywords including "crypto marketing" and "crypto advertising."

• CMA token economics include advertisers buying ads from publishers in the CryptoMarketAds Marketplace using CMA tokens.

• CryptoMarketAds collects a 10% fee when advertisers buy ads from publishes on the CryptoMarketAds Marketplace. This has the potential to compound significantly for CryptoMarketAds and it is a different model than Google's rate of 32% billed from the publisher-side.

• CMA could become a great growth story in the crypto space as they're helping to solve the issue created by major advertisers bailing out of the crypto advertising and marketing industry. CMA is one to watch in the crypto space.

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